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Stock Poley Saddle without Horn
Stock Poley Saddle without Horn
Model #: AS1478-0-104
Size: 19
Color:  Brown

Product Code: AS1478-0-104


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An exciting western style saddle for those riders who spend long hours riding and need the comfort and closeness to the horse the Stock Poley saddle offers. Reinforced knee pads, 4" deep seat, brass plated hardware and supple smooth leather throughout. Complete with fittings.

Brand: Australian Outrider Collection
Size: 19
Color: Brown
Tree: Air Tunnel Comfort Tree
Horn: 2.5"
Cantle: 3
Swell: 19 ear to ear
Gullett: 7"
Riggin: Aussie
Weight: 20 lbs

This saddle with horn is available in:

Size Color Model
16" Black AS1477-2-101
16" Brown AS1477-7-101
17" Black AS1477-2-102
17" Brown AS1477-7-102
18" Black AS1477-2-103
18" Brown AS1477-7-103
19" Black AS1477-2-104
19" Brown AS1477-7-104

This saddle with horn and wide tree is available in:

Size Color Model
16" Black AS1477W-2-101
16" Brown AS1477W-7-101
17" Black AS1477W-2-102
17" Brown AS1477W-7-102
18" Black AS1477W-2-103
18" Brown AS1477W-7-103

This saddle without horn is available in:

Size Color Model
16" Brown AS1478-0-101
17" Brown AS1478-0-102
18" Brown AS1478-0-103
19" Brown AS1478-0-104