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Old Time Trail Rider-Round Skirt
Old Time Trail Rider-Round Skirt
Model #: KS7920-2-165
Size: 16.5
Color:  Black

Product Code: KS7920-2-165


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Unique saddle is great for trail riding and built on a 5 year quarunteed rawhide covered tree. features the classic style "A" stirrup leather over the top of the fender, hand tooled border, blevins style quick change buckles, neoprene in skirt, padded endurance style stirrups, soft quilted leather seat and crupper D ring.

Brand: King Series
Size: 16.5
Color: Black
Tree: Rawhide Covered
Bars: Full Quarter
Horn: 3"
Cantle: 5
Swell: 15
Gullett: 7.5
Riggin: In Skirt Double D
Skirt: 26 x 38
Weight: 25 lbs

This saddle is available with round skirt in:

Size Color Model
15.5" Black KS7920-2-155
16.5" Black KS7920-2-165
17.5" Black KS7920-2-175
15.5" Dark Oil KS7920-32-155
16.5" Dark Oil KS7920-32-165
17.5" Dark Oil KS7920-32-175

This saddle is available with square skirt in:

Size Color Model
15.5" Black KS7921W-2-155
16.5" Black KS7921W-2-165
17.5" Black KS7921W-2-175
15.5" Dark Oil KS7921W-32-155
16.5" Dark Oil KS7921W-32-165
17.5" Dark Oil KS7921W-32-175