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Southwest Print Neutron Synthetic Saddle
Southwest Print Neutron Synthetic Saddle
Model #: KS237-190-17
Size: 17
Color: Mowhawk Brown

Product Code: KS237-190-17


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Synthetic lightweight pleasure/trail saddle with 5 year guaranteed tree. Features blevins style buckles, deep suede leather seat, back cinch, top grain leather jockey, southwest print fabric on skirts and fenders, and reinforced nylon stirrup straps.

Brand: King Series
Size: 17
Color: Mowhawk Brown
Tree: Fiberglass
Bars: Semi Quarter
Horn: 3
Cantle: 4.5
Swell: 12
Gullett: 9
Riggin: Heavy D
Skirt: 27 x 26
Weight: 21 lbs

Saddle is available in:

Size Color Model
13" Mowhawk Brown KS233-190-13
13" Shoshone Black KS233-191-13
15" Mowhawk Brown KS235-190-15
15" Shoshone Black KS235-191-15
16" Mowhawk Brown KS235-190-16
16" Shoshone Black KS236-191-16
17" Mowhawk Brown KS237-190-17
17" Shoshone Black KS237-191-17