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Prestige Synthetic Saddle
Prestige Synthetic Saddle
Model #: KS452-2-12
Size: 12
Color: Black

Product Code: KS452-2-12


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Synthetic lightweight trail and all around saddle built on 5 year guaranteed tree. Features Kordura nylon skirts and fenders with basketweave tooled leather overlays on corner of skirts, corner of fenders and on the cantle and pommel, blevins style buckles, and silver billet slots and conchos.

Brand: King Series
Size: 12
Color: Black
Tree: Rawhide Covered
Bars: Full Quarter
Horn: 2.75"
Cantle: 4
Swell: 13
Gullett: 8.25
Riggin: Heavy D
Skirt: 26 x 28.5
Weight: 23 lbs

This saddle is available in:

Size Color Model
12" Black KS452-2-12
12" Brown KS452-7-12
15" Black KS455-2-12
15" Brown KS455-7-12
16" Black KS456-2-12
16" Brown KS456-7-12
17" Black KS457-2-12
17" Brown KS457-7-12