Deck Construction Options

I purchased a home in the fall, so of course I needed install a deck to go with it.  We never spent time outdoors, but now we are and we want a platform we can stand on to look at the scenery toward the back of our property.  When I started checking into decks, I was overwhelmed because there are so many types to choose from like wood, aluminum, laminate, and composite.  I opted for a wooden deck.  Still, there were a myriad of kinds of woods, so it was time to do some research.  Cedar smells heavenly and it repels bugs too.  Redwood is another attractive wood that looks awesome and withstands bad weather.  It is naturally rot and insect resistant as well.  There are downsides to each of them as deck materials though.  They are more expensive than some woods, like pressure-treated wood.  Then there are the higher-priced woods such as mahogany and walnut, but the price was awfully expensive for deck construction.  After deciding on redwood decking, I called a local deck builder from and requested an estimate for cedar deck installation in my backyard. I chose cedar decking over redwood because of the smell and the color. Redwood boards are too dark, so it doesn’t match with the color of my home. Cedar decks are generally lighter, so it seemed like a better fit. After the deck in installed, Albany Deck Builders will stop back over to seal the boards and stain them.